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Ten Reasons to Join Give Where You Live

  1. It reminds us that once upon a time, someone helped us

  2. It is fun to be part of a group that contributes in such an innovative and insightful way

  3. It raises spirits, raises hope, and gives everyone a chance to help

  4. It gives people in need a reason to smile

  5. It builds a healthier community

  6. Our collective wisdom and know-how creates value in making charitable donation decisions

  7. Our focus is local; we know our community well

  8. Pooling money with others has a far greater impact than individual gifts

  9. We are in good company

  10. We are making a life by what we give

We Are Making a Difference

GWYL GRANTS single.jpg

To create a group of caring citizens who have the desire to support charitable organizations impacting Miami County.

To encourage a culture of philanthropy and generosity. 

Give Where You Live is always accepting new members- Join us at our next meeting!