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We are a group of women and men who have the desire to support charitable organizations impacting Miami County. If you are a fan of a charitable organization with a foot print in Miami County, Ohio, then you need to join us at Give Where You Live (GWYL) and help spread the good news. We started in 2015 and we are a Giving Circle patterned after the operations of 100+ Women. We meet in-person four times a year and each member commits to donate $100 for the charity selected by the group. Any member can nominate a Miami County charity and nominations are made on-line.  Three charities are then randomly selected. Then we meet in-person where representatives of the three selected charities give five-minute presentations about their organizations. There is a five-minute question and answer segment, and then our members vote. The top vote-getting charity then receives all the member donations! 

To create a group of caring citizens who have the desire to support charitable organizations impacting Miami County.

To encourage a culture of philanthropy and generosity. 

Give Where You Live is always accepting new members


We Are Making a Difference

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